Selection Procedure

CG startup challenges aims at identifying commercially feasible ideas with great social impact.
Round 1:

(please submit your online application to register your entry) Entires to Round 1 is open for all - irrespective of age, qualification and location. The selection of ideas will be made based on the novelty, commercial advantages and the status (prototype etc). Priority will be given to ideas that can offer technology solutions to compelling challenges. Best ideas from Round 1 will promoted to Round 2 on nomination based on the recommendations from expert committee.

*Boot camps will be conducted to assist individuals prepare and submit their applications. Please check the schedule of boot camps to attend one near you.

Round 2:

Ideas will be promoted to Round 3 based on the clarity of the individual towards the execution of idea, market opportunity and skill sets of the team which is involved in driving the idea forward.

*Workshops will be conducted to assist individuals prepare application. Please follow the website to know the location of workshops. Entry to workshop is on invitation only.

Round 3:

Selected individuals will attend a workshop where series of rounds will be conducted to test the ability of the individual to lead the idea into a successful venture.

All the participants in Round 3 will be given an opportunity to present in front of selection panel. Based on the recommendations from the panel top startups will be selected for further assistance.